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Capri Partnership with
The Benefits Alliance Group

Capri Insurance Benefits Division is a partner with The Benefits Alliance Group–a network of 40 member firms located across Canada. The Benefits Alliance was Benefits Alliance Groupcreated in 1998 to give employers of all size independent collective intelligence and buying power.

Our commitment is to share group benefits best practices, industry trends and develop preferential terms, products and rates for our clients leveraging our combined market strength.

Capri is the only Benefits Alliance partner located in British Columbia's Central and Southern Interior and one of a select group of independent brokerage firms in B.C.

Why the Capri Benefits Alliance Partnership Matters to You
The Benefits Alliance conducts "Centres of Excellence" where partners dedicate time and resources to the development of tools and practices to best serve our partners' clients. Our initiatives include:

  • Preferred Terms & Premium Rates – Through Benefits Alliance, Capri Advisors are able to offer proprietary and/or preferred group benefit rates and contract terms with the following health insurance providers:

  • National Trends & Practices – Through this partnership, Capri Advisors are aware of national benefits trends and practices. This is important as other Canadian organizations and/or industries may be leading the way with new benefit practices and products. Knowing the latest Canadian trends, Capri Advisors can better educate clients to keep them abreast of what's happening in other regions while working together to implement the latest benefit practices. Capri clients can now learn from what other organizations and industries are doing in other provinces.

    If Capri Advisors are kept abreast of the latest group benefit trends and practices happening across Canada, then we can share that knowledge with clients. With this information and our support, clients are better educated and can choose to become benefit leaders in their industry to better attract and retain employees – at the most affordable price.

  • Independent Group Benefit Renewal Tools – Capri Advisors can access independent actuaries and renewal tools to calculate Life and Long Term Disability (LTD) renewal rates separate and apart from what the health insurance carrier provides. This gives Capri clients better control and confidence in the premium rates they are paying.

  • Independent Group Benefit Benchmarking Tools – Since Capri is a partner with the Benefits Alliance, we have access to independent benchmarking tools that aren't reliant on a specific health insurance provider's (e.g. Great-West Life or SunLife) block of business. This is important because independent benchmarking provides a more objective analysis and isn't influenced by one insurance provider's business.

  • Independent Group Retirement Savings CAP Compliance Guide – As part of your Group Retirement Savings Plan, being compliant with Canadian Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP) Guidelines is critical. Capri Advisors can help clients ensure compliance using an independent CAP Compliance Guide.

Please stay tuned as there will be more developments in the coming years as The Benefits Alliance Group continues to provide leading edge group benefits tools and services that provide value to the organizations and industries we collectively service across Canada.

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