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Provincial Equine Associations

Additional Program Information:
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To Become Insured

The programme is available to all Canadian Equine Associations who apply to Capri Insurance or Intercity Insurance for inclusion.

The programme is available to all Individuals who become a member of a Canadian Equine Association that is insured by this programme. Individual members of these Associations are automatically covered. (You should verify that your Provincial Equine Association is involved)

Individuals can apply for membership in the following insured Provincial Equine Associations for automatic insurance coverage:

(Caution - Some restrictions apply to non-Canadian residents)

Coaches, Clubs, Officials and Corporate members of insured Equine Associations can apply to the authorized insurance broker in their region for their specialized coverages (see Applications).

  • Capri Insurance Services Ltd. - 1-800-670-1877
    (Western Canada)
  • Intercity Insurance Services Inc. - 1-888-394-3330
    (Eastern Canada)

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